Sia Coin at the crossroads - Dive or Fly?

POLONIEX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
We can see a clear falling wedge which is a bullish sign. The lower trendline is flatter as bears are not able to push the price lower.
We are coming to the end of the pattern.
We could expect a break out. If the market manage to cross the upper trendline supported with volume and a few successively rising candles we could enter a new bull run.
In the other option the market could brake Fib level and we could see another deep water diving.

We did not manage to short our position on time, so possibly we add to our long position on the break out to lower down our target which is sky high now:)
We want to see volume .
Do you like what you see? Share your thoughts and opinions. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Good luck and peace!

評論: I review my chart! There is a possibility that I should have included the last low of the previous descending channel. In that case we would have a Descending Triangle here - a Bearish sign.
I added to my position earlier today but jumped out due to the market conditions.
Hopefully you read this if you followed my advice.
Good luck and peace!
評論: Sia is a heavy boulder in the open sea right now...
Hahahaha you are all good traders here, saying Everyday that sc is going sky buth forget it, it will hit the floor hard til zero! And yeeeah i whas a fool to to believe in this coin buth now u see what a scam al this kind of coins are... Only pump and hard dump shit....
@nesnop, I think we are more believers than traders. Trading and investing. Similar but not the same. I am locked in Sia too:) Come back in one year and let's check the price. The altcoin bubble burst. We need to wait for another, bigger than this one. Everything happens fast in crypto. Untill u sell you didn't lose. Just wait:) We all want our moon but then it is very difficult to manage that kind of a trade. Greed is so powerful that you starve to death :D
Good luck, hope and peace!
1 day chart looks promising for some upwards movement but i'm not feeling a bullish trend yet :(

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@Brisben, Thank you for your chart. Just reviewing my chart. Not bullish yet.
Good luck and peace!
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Brisben AwesomeTrade
@AwesomeTrade, No worries. You have some nice charts. Followed :)
@Brisben, Thank you. Glad to hear that. Thumbs up:)
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