revisiting the Log long term graph of SIA #siacoin

POLONIEX:SCUSD   Siacoin / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
504 0
Looks like Sia bounced nicely off the bottom long term support line. I adjusted the support line just a bit as my previous lines were off by a tad. Log graphs can make it harder to draw lines as accurately as I needed to. That being said I think the idea persists and its ok from time to time to make adjustments to lines to become more accurate. We had a scare there for a minute as the price dropped below $.01, but the market bounced nicely off that bottom. I don't think we are out of the woods yet as there is still some consolidation occurring at the support lines. Externalities like the G20 meetings and fluid regulatory environments across the globe are causing some turmoil, but I think this all gets sorted out. The language from these regulatory bodies consistently has been for light regulatory measures as not to completely undo this progress blockchain has made in the past few years. So overall I suspect language to emerge that supports blockchain and the underlying investments but keeping a strong eye on potential red flags such as ICO scams, misuse to hide malicious activity, and to make sure brokerages can be folded into existing regulations without disrupting the market too much..
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