POLONIEX:SCUSD   Siacoin / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Nothing makes me more mad than cryptocurrency that has been pumped to moon level with no application purposes. I hope 2018 brings us more than just the hype of crytocurrencies that 2017. We need to focus on actual application purposes of the blockchain technology. This is one reason I have a lot of support for Siacoin and the use appplication it offeres. It is MORE than just a cryptocurrecy, it offers a decentralized form of cloud storage. (Only company I know of that offers this) This technology far surpasses it's closest competition, and it is offered at a ridiculous low price. This technology is what give the blockchian its value.

If you liked this idea please show support and I will post more in-depth analysis
now Bitmain have released the A3 its game over for obelisk but great news for sia - expect things to moon
While I love Sia and have invested in them, they're not the only game in town. Storj is another decentralized storage company: storj.io
@tcf098, I was unaware of them. Thank you for the comment. Headed to check them out now.
It depends how much Siacoin can get Obelisk going. https://obelisk.tech/
Waiting for a good time to buy more i missed the drop yesterday. Do you think it will dip a bit more before going up ?
@JDiBs, it could get some pull back to the .35 area before testing top resistance again.
JDiBs gunnerst3
@gunnerst3, Thanks mate ill watch it
Couldn't agree more.
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