Shift VS Bitcoin Back To Support

BITTREX:SHIFTBTC   Shift / Bitcoin
Shift has managed to grow substantially during the past 30 days period, rising from btc  0.0001 up to 0.0009, resulting in a 650% growth. Although the wave up was stopped at the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement and now it seems that SHIFT/BTC could be falling back to the previously established support.

The support is at tc  0.0002 area, which previously has been tested a number of times. While there was a clean rejection of the 50% Fibonacci retracement level at btc  0.00065, now it is more and more likely that Shift will continue losing to Bitcoin .
取消訂單: Shift cold continue going up, especially after breaking above 65k satoshi resistance
I also forgot to mention this is a dpos coin... You earn coins passively every month by holding them in wallet and voting for delegates. Voting system / earning is being reworked in March as well.
Look at is like a mining rig without having a rig.
So selling your whole stash below $100 is pretty big mistake.
1bil marketcap = $100 coin since low supply

I for example earn 50-202 coins a month depending on delegate shares. So 50 coins base at $100 coin is $5000/month passive income I can invest into other crypto.
Its not gonna happen
Problems with this...Bittrex has azure issues at the moment.. Shift wallet and others have been down on Bittrex it's #1 big flow. Holding strong and will keep going... Support is actually at 50k sats with multiple big buys. Only price falling back and forth is due to bots swing trading while Bittrex works out kinks...
Plus you have to factor in they aren't allowing new users to sign up still...Also it is being added to other exchanges soon. I don't know which ones but it will be announced end of month.
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