Silver Setups & Intro to Identifying Trend Changes/Reversals!

TVC:SILVER   白銀差價合約(美元/盎司)
Hey Traders, I shared this idea as an intro to a structure based trades tutorial. I plan on doing a full tutorial on how to read structure and how important it is when trading. I have attached two snapshots below of current setups on Silver that I will be watching. Silver has been in a downtrend on the 4hr chart however that trend has reversed and I think Silver is going to make another leg higher. It will not go up in a straight line and could be due for some sideways action or a pullback right about now but I prefer to trade with the trend and I think we might have some good buying opportunities if one of the setups below can take place. There are countless setups that may take place and I am not sharing these as trades you should follow but as Educational Material. This Is a very powerful way of trading as it allows you to be ahead of the markets and ready for whatever may occur. It is always good to put "Price in a box" (Between Major support & resistance levels) and know exactly what you will do at those levels before price reaches them. I have found that this makes traders much more accurate and minimizes there emotions. This is also a good way to practice patience. Traders will take trades because they are bored or think they see something when in fact they have been staring at the screens for soo long that they subconsciously cannot resist Trading. I have found that "Putting price action in a box" can really aid in helping new traders make better decisions. I hope this was helpful! Please feel free to comment below or message me with any questions you may have. Also if you would like me to do a specific tutorial on a subject, please leave a comment below or message me. If enough people would like the same thing, I will be sure to put it on my list for future tutorials! Thanks traders and good luck trading!!
Fantastic absolutely fantastic
Alec40 revalast
@revalast, Thank you! I'm glad this was helpful.
you have a point. thanks for sharing.
Alec40 kyns2000
@kyns2000, Thank you, You are welcome.
Very Useful! Thanks.
Alec40 linox
@linox, Happy to hear! You are welcome!
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