My chart Layout and how it works

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I have had many questions about my chart and how it functions. To start off with this I'd like to say that it has only been tested with major forex pairs and major commodities . When I first started out on tradingview I didn't do what the number one thing every new trader should do and that is study and learn. this was a big problem for me because I didn't know how each and everything worked and how they especially got their values.

Now onto the chart,
Indicators used:
-Ichimoku Cloud ( only using the actual cloud portion of this ).
The Ichimoku is an indicator you see on the main chart that gets bigger and smaller which in turn creates the "cloud".
This helps determine trend direction as well as a double support or double resistance.

-CCI ( Commodity Channel Index )
The CCI is the sub-indicator on the bottom end of my chart, this is basically an RSI hyped up on steroids with the value changed to a ridiculously high number to spot longer trends.
It is joined with two EMA signal lines of values at 35 ( green line ) and a 75 ( red line )

how to interpret:
The objective is to look for a four signal crossover. The first crossover to look at is the 'cloud'. This is showing you your support or resistance, over cloud means uptrend, under cloud means downtrend and in the cloud means no position should be held if not one held already. The last three crossovers are within three CCI . Say for an uptrend, you must see the CCI line ( white ) be above both EMA , this is two of four crossovers. The fourth crossover to look for is the green EMA to be above the red EMA in the case for a long position.

I hope this helps you in learning my layout but seeing that studying, learning and testing new things constantly will bring you good fortune in the future. If you have any questions for me feel free to shoot me a PM, I am not a teacher but I am always willing to offer some sort of help with the things I am knowledgeable about.

Here is the link to the chart layout down below!
Super interesting explanation and super detailed. Thanks. Do you find that this also apply to shorter time period (15,30,1H) or is it more reliable on longer terms? Definitely keen to learn!
DMC malagasy
@malagasy, I use this more with the long term of a 4H or up TF but have not tested anything under.
Not too may people go into detail on how their 'system' works. Thanks for the explanation, I enjoy seeing how other people use indicators specific to their strategy. One question I would pose to you is: How would you utilize the indicators you have outlined to take profits, or establish stop-losses; or do you use something else altogether?
BTW, nice trade in silver. I am still long, but looking to pare my position down a bit.
DMC ShirokiHeishi
@ShirokiHeishi, Hey!, I use fibonacci as my tool to place my stop losses as well as my TP. Not always is do I score to the top of a trade but I like to catch whatever pips I can grab. Thank you for the response and time, Trade On!
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