#SLR +75% target 0.00024940 BTC

BITTREX:SLRBTC   SolarCoin / Bitcoin
I wanted this one to confirm before I shared it. I'm up 14%.
Check out Horizon Communications [HRZN] ICO https://horizoncomm.co Providing 4G LTE Wireless Internet Services, launching in Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands with plans for additional countries in the Caribbean and Central America.
any update on this coin? hold or stop loss?
I think you are have this correct. Except for the typing. The last bull cycle for SLR was about 90 days. We are 30 days into this new bull run. I think we are looking at 75% up maybe at 100% with next 30 next easily, from there we can keep on going up but it will depend on what the tier 1 coins do.
It's down to 0.000155000 whats your take?? is there any stop loss you can suggest? i bought at 0.00017200
Anotherworld18 amitrana05
@amitrana05, HODL? $USD pair if you sold now you'd break even, BTC pair, you'd still be down 10%
Great technical view point. You can reach us over at ProjectSolarCoin.com if you wish to purchase SolarCoin SLR Coin, due to delays in new registrations of Bittrex.
how do you catch this mate?
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