SNAP - Is SNAP on its way to the U-MLH?

No clear trend in the daily, but we can identify the flow in the lower timeframes.

Here we can see how we can use different forks and the A/R channel to extract information.
Rules telling me, that this share wants to go north. And indeed, chances are high that price will reach the U-MLH, as our rule framework teaches.

A significant close below the centerline would negate this trade idea.

取消訂單: As I see in my order execution workstation, SNAP took a hit, which was not seen in TV here.

So, Idea cancelled LOL
In fact, this chart provides a different perspective of the market. This type of charting idea never passed through my mind. It is always good to keep in touch with professional traders.
Thank you for sharing this chart. Continue your good work.
forker patterntrader
Thank you patterntrader.

For me it was always too heavy to lean on "patterns" ;-)
I was not good at this style in my early days of trading.

So, hats off, very clean and straightforward, thank you too for sharing.

I love it too to see what others do.
We are never professional enough not to learn something new from others.

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