S&P 500 Index @ 1h Chart @ incl. XLF & XLE since Trump Election

SP:SPX   S&P 500 Index
Performance of the SPX             , XLF             & XLE             - end of last month (November`16)

Both sectors had the worst performance the last years, while Obamas presidents time.
Aftermath is all clear, i also didn`t except an outbreak like this. But since this month - i am prefering to see the lows in some shares (even of both sectors) as an buying oppurtunity. Why ??? Let it me so explain ... Under president Trump i can`t imagine that our new president will make policy against both sectors - even forcing laws to shoot their expansion ambitions down. "The Occupy WallStreet Movement was aftermath the all-time high of all anti WallStreet Americans - in the review even maybe the bing gang of make american great again - from the top to the button ... even from wallstreet to every american consumer and tax payer"

How ever,
i am not an political analysis or even expert - but the chart is speaking fo             itself.
From this point of views i am prefering the US Yields ( Gold             as hedge is useless), US Equities & even some sectors (even like Energy & Financials).

Take care
& analyzed it again
- it`s always your decission ...
(for a bigger picture zoom the chart)

Best regards
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