What the heck someone anyone!!!

SPCFD:SPX   標準普爾500指數
281 4
Looks like we are going to go back down again. We can't seem to get anywhere we have just slowed down. Any ideas Rising wedge? Going to test the 200 day again? I think if we keep going down the 50 and the 200 might cross very soon Death Cross coming?
All I got to say is you were all wrong and so was I. I try hard and this can drive a man crazy sometimes.
syria war also a factor. too much uncertainty right now. war, trade war, debt, fed tightening. should go down at least 30 to 50% from Jan.
look at the daily wedge, you are using the wrong averages for a death cross, should be 63 and 252 for this index
LOL been saying it for a while now we going down 2nd wave is completed wave 3 is beginning
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