Bear Market on Horizon?

FX:SPX500   標準普爾500指數
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SPX 500 seems to be close to a bear market for quite some time.

Fundamentals looks kinda good, but there are some head winds that don't seem to go away.
Strong dollar, low earnings , slow growth, pull back from dividends, low global growth... Companies seem to be at their peak with manufacturing good earnings to help stock price stay the same.

All this does not look like its going to matter. It looks like we have a correction on the way, the patterns seem very similar to 2008, strong Oscillator pattern from Squeeze Momentum Indicator , and from Wave Trend Indicator a long period on the upper band of the wave, Ultimate MA turning red

Ultimate MA Indicator crossed and are now red for the month of January, if the pattern is confirmed for the next month there is a high probability of Bearish trend .

IF pattern is confirmed there are two possibilities if we use past as representation of the correction.
The Golden line is the 2000 tech bubble, close to a 1.5 year market correction.
The Bloody line is the 2008 sub prime correction, close to a 1 year correction.

Personally i believe we are closer to something more similar to 2000 correction. Central Banks and Other Gov entities seems to be pulling there self together to smooth the landing.

Waiting for Ultimate MA confirmation for short enter.
Wave Trend Indicator swinging cross the upper band to a lower trend, 2 month confirmation confirm, since march 2014 and still today.
Squeeze momentum indicator on release showing confirmation of momentum, also since march.

Indicators by:
Lazy Bear:
Squeeze Momentum Indicator
Wave Trend Indicator

Chris Moody:
Ultimate MA Indicator.
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