Record highs near US elections?

FX:SPX500   美國標準普爾500指數
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The most important event of the year, the US presidential elections. Clinton needs a "healthy" index as it increases her odds.....Yellen is a Democrat and she will be kicked out when Trump gets elected....So I wouldnt be surprised the FED and some central banks (FED is no central bank ) ...will help the establishment candidate .....All negative shit will be released after the elections IMHO.....we shall see time will learn but the market has become an extension of the political feel good machine and they have the algo's and money to do whatever they want...
交易結束:達到停損點: The C low was violated so this ABCD pattern is bust a new low needs to be made above the A in order to draw a new ABCD up so the theoretical ABCD target for November will be lower...patience
you could say differently...
Its likely for drumpf to win, she can leave the country to shit whit rate hikes to blaim drumpf
Maybe. You know. CAPITALISM is shit
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