SPX500 :-) Price Why you so funny?

FX:SPX500   標準普爾500指數
276 6
watching price follow the price/time plan :-0! The bears prepare to hunt :-)
評論: low volatility can affect the time frame.
評論: (Market is in serious testing mode. We will know . Bullish trend is here.... sadly. butttt I know you guys can see the weakness in price and the bearish patterns. Price also following fibs to the dot. magic.
評論: NOTE huge hint to any fib lover note the black box and that level.
評論: Note this is just the price structure how it looks to me as of today.. If the bears step on the pedal we can rip though like hot knife through butter. Market is amazingly symmetrical.
評論: (higher price is anticipated... if oil carries this)
評論: I freaking wonder where price will go next?
評論: after a critical Friday and an awesome Monday :-) I wonder where price will go next ....
評論: SO after another bounce from the reversal.. we have found price hanging onto dear life in d1-p. I made some bad calls today in grabbing aapl/amzn puts a little early. no problems..
Still think it will go down if we are not making any lower highs?
archiki hankchef
2067 was expected yesterday not today.. was kind of caught off guard.. IF the top gets blown at 2067 I will have to change my plan. For now nothing has changed.
archiki archiki
IF the top does get blown out I will have to Buy Dips and take a loss on the shorts.. ( we entered short at 2058 2063) Not a bad loss because the pnts we got from the long call this morning was nice.
hankchef archiki
same here. I think we can see that tonight or tomorrow.
I've been waiting for this for a while. Do you have an email where I can share some charts from Marketsmith to compare previous market crashes and some Miner stocks? This does make for an interesting year to come...years even.
archiki ShPro
Yes Sir! i have a work email ! OR (personal) please share anything I am more than happy to converse ideas!
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