SPX500 inside day after new high, why not?

FX:SPX500   標準普爾500指數
SPX500 had a nice start of 2018 to recover the loss from the last day of 2017,
and it gave a strong inside day after all time high.

So the question again, is it worth trading?
My answer is: why not if 25 points risk is acceptable!
if that's too much for some intraday traders, I still think the intraday long opportunities are worth taking!

The only indicator for this trade is 8ema, and it almost finished 21ema correction, too!
2700 fig resistance hasn't really tested yet, which is a minus for this trade.
While, this kind of trade implies to break following fig level itself, so I still willing to take this one!

評論: The market keeps on reminding us
評論: 4hr shooter broke down, took off some positions, put the rest out below 2700
評論: put the out below 2725 to trail yo!
評論: put the out below 2765 to trail yo!
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very good analysis!!
@breezy9013, thanks!
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