IT Count Revisited, After A Crash, Market Structure Projections

FX:SPX500   標準普爾500指數
Morning everyone. It has been a week or so since our last post, but there really hasn't been much to talk about as we range race and chop around in what could be the formation of a larger fourth wave triangle. The Cyan 4/a is likely the demarcation point for the correction as much over that and a shadow of doubt would be cast over whether or not there is another low lurking about. It is our current view that we are still short another low that should exceed the 1830 zone and could potentially see us fall as far as the 1700's before embarking on another leg higher. I found this article interesting in what happens after a proposed 'crash'. The big take away is the last bullet statement under the chart in the article. That is the most similar to our most recent 'crash'. That group of declines didn't have the lows revisited for at least 25 days after the crash low and potentially as long as 40. Using this as a rather crude timing instrument based off past precedence we likely wont see the lows revisited in any meaningful way till the end of this month into the first of October. As with all sharp moves, they take time to develop and this one is no different so it would appear to be wise to remain vigilant and short term trade oriented for the time being as we navigate our way through this choppy phase to a more intermediate term tradeable juncture. Below is the article mentioned above and also our Market Structure Projections for the day.

What Happens After A Crash Article:

Daily Market Structure Projections:
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