SPX500. Following the Bars,Levels, and Price. ^.^

FX:SPX500   標準普爾500指數
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Hello Friends! for those of you in the chat you know that this week has been awesome for us bears hehehe. Understanding reversal zones, pivots , fibs can be a big help for entry and exit points.

I believe it is now time to ride it higher a bit and possible grab another prime meat short from (reversal points of interest). the Slides down will be very profitable and quick.

The (big boys) drove price down and picked up cheap calls for opex. Understand the pattern price behavior and you can make a living making 1 trade a month.
I have longs from 2046 and had long from the bottom where i cashed in for opex. hehehhe ^.^ pennies too sacks of gold .
評論: down?
評論: holy god dam molyy
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