FX:SPX500   標準普爾500指數
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Ending contracting diagonal scenario, which would mean very nasty things to happen after the elections...

Price targets for Minor wave 5:
- 0,618 x Minor wave 3.
- 1,618 x Minor wave 4.
I really like how you go do detailed in wave counts to provide your analysis. Please note that it's highly appreciated. Can I request you to put in short or long positions on your charts, thereby enabling me to see your previous history and judge accurate of some wave counts. Having a position on the chart enables a novice like me to quickly ascertain after loading new bars if the chart is going red or green.
Thanks and best of luck trading.
mikeoakster iamajeya
Hello. Thanks for your appreciation.
Regarding your request, I prefer not to publish my trading decisions because I consider TradingView not to be the appropriate place to do it, sorry. You can always press play... :-)
Taking this idea as an example, I could say I entered long near the end of what could be Minute wave e, but I don't see how that information would add value to the analysis. And I don't use take profit orders, I prefer trailing stops, so...
Take care. Cheers.
hehe mikeoakster
HI Mike - #ED musT have a structure 3-3-3-3-3. GL!
Hello, hehe. You're right, sorry for the basic mistake. Thanks.
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mikeoakster mikeoakster
Correcting the count:

In daily, an ongoing Contracting Ending Diagonal, with a Combination Flat+ZZ for Minor wave 4, ending around 38,2% of Minor wave 3, overlapping with Minor wave 1, being smaller than Minor wave 2, and alternating with the Expanded Flat of Minor wave 2:

In M15, Expanding Ending Diagonal for Minuette wave c of Minute wave y of Minor wave 4, with Minuette wave c being equal to Minuette wave a in time and ending around 61,8% of Minuette wave a, showing RSI bullish divergence (also verified in both H1 and H4 time frames):

Well, it's just an entry setup...
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mikeoakster mikeoakster

I'm correcting the Subminuette wave i count and updating the projection in face of what I consider to be a corrective structure developed since the most recent bottom:

And depending on this monday's close, I will consider changing the daily count as follows:

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