I see a broadening descending wedge ... Trump effect?

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I see a broadening descending wedge between the pink lines. There is a rejection within the channel that porbably will take us to the 2225 level, but we will need some more time. For tomorrow is expected lady line arrives 2244 level that has been rejected before several times, and probably next week 2225 if USDOLLAR             continue to fade. EP 2256 TP1 2244 or 2240 TP2 2225. Alternativebly we can also see a double bottom or maybe another bullish impulse, but doesnt seem probable soon since ADP thursday data to be confirmed tomorrow. This trading idea is validated with the bear pattern also shown in the US30             .
交易進行: This is still a great trade. Entry point wasn´t reached friday good covered and make profits from higher high forming a double top as announced probable.
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