SPXUSD - Yes, I am calling the crash - 15%+ potential profits

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Hi All,

I hope you have enjoyed my last post on EURUSD , and if you have followed my idea, you would have got yourself around 100-115 pips by now. And if you have followed my previous ETC post on the 10th March, you would have made a nice profit of 37%.

Before I start, I want to emphasise this is just a speculation, the crash may never happen. However, the current set up looks like it's about to go downhill. Plus, from what I am seeing is there is more downside potential than to the upside.

I was going to post this TA a few days ago, but I thought I was crazy enough to call a crash, until I saw the same thoughts been posted by @PRO_Indicators. He also showed the similarities between the current SPX500 set up and the recent BTC crash. They look almost identical. Of course, SPX500 may not follow the path of BTC , and that's why you have to have a Risk/Reward ratio in every trade.

If you are a less aggressive trader, you can wait for the break down of the blue trend line and wait for a pull back at around $2745. But if you are an aggressive trader, you can open a short position now and set SL at $2840. If SPX500 does crash, I believe it has the potential to drop all the way down to $2386, which is also where the long term trend line is gonna be at around the end of April.

I wouldn't recommend for this trade anything more than x10 leverage.

Please note this is not a financial advice. Trade with SL and take profit at each target.

Taiwan Bear

Mar 22
評論: I have to say, I made this call brilliantly. SPX went down to exactly the price level I think it would go down, and retraced back to around $2745 just as I have mentioned above. If you have only shorted now, I have to warn you that the retrace might happen soon to around $2705. Also, if you look at the RSI, it is quite oversold at the moment.

Mar 23
評論: Perfect trade!! 5.8%+ profits with x1 leverage

TP1 hit. Fib 0.786 retrace hit ($2603.85). Please take partial profits.

When 0.786 retrace hits, there is a possibility for SPX to go back to 0.5 retrace.
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