STEEMBTC - STEEM Found Support, what will it do next?

Steem community is growing day by day! I see that it found support at round the 0.618 fib level however I'm still not convinced on the upward trend. I think it's going to either bounce between 0.618 and 0.5 for a couple of days or start to climb. However I'm not expecting substantial growth quickly (which is a good thing!). This would be a good time to buy and wait until it breaks the 0.5 fib level. If it does, I'm expecting it to follow the trend line .

If you're holding or buying short term, set your stops 0.00035 if it decides to dip. Otherwise HOLD...Steem has a lot of potential for growth over time :)
Neutral for now, will update if anything changes!
評論: Also, a lot of rejection above 0.236. So it wasn't ready to go above that fib level. Hopefully soon though
交易進行: Just barely broke the 0.5 fib level with forward momentum!
交易進行: STEEM fell but the 0.618 fib support held and STEEM is slowly moving upwards. Currently sitting at 0.00042563
評論: Lots of sell orders on Poloniex so I won't be surprised if it drops a bit farther prior to starting another bull run.
評論: Support at 0.618 held! STEEM moved past 0.5 and is continuing to move upward.
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