2206 10
Steem play above Demand zone
You can join from current price at 0.00012050 or wait for confirming by closing above 0.00016600 daily then join.
stop lose =


capital management is recommended
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: steem still in Deman zone
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: steem still in Deman zone
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: steem still in Deman zone
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: Run at 145 % from Deman zone
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: X2 200% at analysis
be ready for next 3 X
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: since 15 Hours Say 200 % at steem analysis
now 400 % at steem analysis
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: Time to call it again be ready for catch steem from 0.786 fib level buy range start from 0.00027893/0.00025
Stop_loss if pass 0.00025 and close daily
follow capital management
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Is it a good time to buy?
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Steem is a very much undervalued coin IMHO. It runs on the fastest bockchain out in the market with confirmation times less than 2 seconds. Recently it showed more than 1M transaction within 24hrs while the network was running at not more than 1% of its capacity, while Ethereum showed about 60% capacity utilisation with about the same number of transactions on the blockchain in 24hrs timeframe.

Added to that, Steem has an inbuild vote/reward mechansim based on which new coins are distributed every single day. It is a blockchain based on stake weight, therefore running the network itself is very inexpensive.

In 2018 (scheduled for Q1'18) Steem blockchain will release what they call SMT, Smart Media Tokens. This allows anybody to create new tokens and distribute them. Added to that community feature will be released in 2018. The combination allows anybody to start closed/open communities and distribute their own created Smart Token to their community members or anybody outside their community, of they wish to do so.

Transaction are entirely for Free! No single cent it'll cost to use the blockchain, to make money transaction, or any other type of transaction.

Steem blockchain is the next generation answer to a super fast, high capacity blockchain, allowing any social media type of service to reward those who create content and/or engage with others and/or curate/vote for others. This could be a social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, but could also be social media like Uber, TripAdvisor, and such where people and companies are rated and reviewed. You name it, any service that allows companies and users to create content and allows voting, can be build on the Steem blockchain, since the blockchain has all the features to power these type of services. To 'problem' with Steem is that the company that created the blogging service Steemit, is not really making any noise, they are not that good in marketing. Only recently they hired some marketing people and they still need to get up to steem (owwww sorry, I meant to write 'steam').

Therefore, Steem is way undervalued and I can only say: Wait and see what happens.
leondb edje42
@edje42, it is promising and has potential, I agree.
im in!
Not bad) maybe up soon

Market Cap
$338 384 921 USD
29,814 BTC

Volume (24h)
$5 731 660 USD
505.00 BTC
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I think we still can head towards 8-6k, would wait before buying
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Looking like EMC2 and NXT no? :)
+1 回覆
Owcheew8 Chackoya
@Chackoya, yes it will probably act the same.
You were right. I drink this glass for you. Thanks for the good advice!
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2018-year steem
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