STRATBTC is starting to going UP

POLONIEX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
I see the opportunity to BUY STRATBTC
STRATBTC will from now going down a little bit that is where you can BUY it
and the target profit and SL is already set
Enjoy trade
If you like my work please follow and like
Thank you
Thank you. I hope you will be back to cover music on Youtube.
putdejudom KnightDK
@KnightDK, :) there is some copy right issue ...
If i had $1 USD for everytime i read $Strat going up... Worst investment so far... lets hope for change..
@Salsy, you cant play long term
@Salsy, Unless you're shorting, everything is a bad investment right now...don't blame Stratis for the market. They have made much progress the past few weeks and more news is coming in the next couple weeks. Price of any crypto is not reflecting the company right now. Wait for the smoke to settle.
glory again :) thankyouu
putdejudom pratama
@pratama, :)
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