STRATBTC time to go down - SELL !

POLONIEX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
1122 11
I see the opportunity to sell STRATBTC
I think that it will bounce up another time
and that is the time to best sell this pair
most likely it will hit target profit 1
maybe even hit tp 2
Trade with care
If you like my work please help to like and follow
Thank you
評論: hit tp1
評論: hit tp2 yay
Very nice! It pretty much folowed your prediction. Though I didn't want to follow this bearish trend because STRAT is solid, has great potential and good credibility, fundamentals were bullish! But nice work and I will follow your ideas closer...
now that it has hit your predicted floor, could you please put up a newer prediction?
eXPeRt1337 jerome.kelsey
@jerome.kelsey, yes pls
@jerome.kelsey, yeah, put up a new prediction :) The followers who profit from it sould donate some BTC I think..
Pretty well thought prediction, interesting to see where this will go from current stance. Prolly gonna sell myself and rebuy later.
Looks like you may be right sir!
ahahahhahahahahahahha wrong man
No way, STRAT will go up for this month.
strat is very strong coin it doesnt go too much down with market
it is difficult to happen unless btc go too much fast up ultimately this will happen to every altcoin...though see history strat goes up with btc as well
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