Stratis Breakout [Market Geometry/EW]

POLONIEX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
• The awaited breakout for STRBTC is coming, been waiting for this ever since I stocked up on STRATBTC at 0.00126btc. The triangle is seemingly primed and if the breakout occurs to the upside we could see some very, very nice profits. STRBTC has been forming this triangle for most of June, so it looks like we could see a long-term uptrend for most of July based on the sole fact that it has completed it’s ABC correction wave. Three "Take Profit" zones, labeled #1-#3 (1: 0.00476btc, 2: 0.00632, 3: 0.00736btc), use risk management when choosing a "Take Profit" zone.
Godmode: White line is approaching blue line while blue line is moving up, and even touched blue line a little ways ago indicating an entry position; also indicating an uptrend will be the next move. Blue line is no where near the 80 point indicating the uptrend is not even close to being exhausted. Caution dots near 20 indicate support from below pushing it back up.
Aroon: Aroon Up (Blue) crossover with Aroon Down (White) line happened between 30-70 indicating a confirmation of the reversal, Aroon Up is staying above 70 indicating it is a strong uptrend.
Fibonacci Arcs: Looks like the uptrend will follow the thicker of the Fibonacci Arcs or; the closest Fibonacci Arc to it until it meets resistance.

• Buy: 0.00260btc
• Sell: 0.00476btc, 0.00632btc, 0.00736btc
• Stop/Loss: 0.00220/0.00235
交易進行: Approaching breakout within the next 1-3 days.
交易進行: Broke past the current long-term uptrend, break could be 50%; 50% odds.
交易進行: Broke past triangle for major price action and now headed for triangle for wicks.
交易進行: Still sticking between Triangle for wicks.
交易進行: Broke out to the upside! TP levels active.
交易進行: Buy position would be when breaks dotted diagonal white line (Long term uptrend)
交易進行: Broke past support.
交易結束:目標達成: Broke through completed, unfortunately to downside. Oh well; thats why I update these charts for yall.
評論: Completed downtrend to take profit levels of triangle breakout, would be a solid buy opportunity in the long-term.
It might hit 0.0015 BTC.
any updates here?
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Great TA and i am glad i made the decision to cancel my stop order of 0.00235 given it dropping to 22 yesterday.

Do you still stand by your initial prediction or are you now out of the trade?

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Strat is showing lower highs and relatively equal lows, doesn't this seem like a descending triangle? With BTC and ETH instability, it could break major support instead. This is just a perspective though.
Godly JoelLeeBakNam
@JoelLeeBakNam, Yeah more biased to the downside but since it was continuing long-term uptrend; after it broke the long-term uptrend the bias is more to the downside.
JoelLeeBakNam JoelLeeBakNam
Also, this type of pattern is being shown by other alts like STEEM and XLM. Any thoughts on those?
Godly JoelLeeBakNam
@JoelLeeBakNam, A lot of the other alt-coins are being affected by BTC's decline.
I thought the Breeze Wallet would make a splash.
Hey sorry, what do you mean by triangle for wicks? the second right triangle?
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