Stratis | Taking Profits and Enter lower | 300% to ATH

BITTREX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
Stratis is another coin that I charted, but chart was removed by admins.
Our original entry there was 90k. We are now up about 50%, and I want to take some profit.

Never just jump in or out of a coin, no matter who is telling you to. Always do your own research and analysis.

That being said, if you've been following this coin, and you have some, I believe this is a great time to take some profit.
Excuse the quick chart, but I think this is a time-sensitive trade.

Stratis appears to be hitting up on resistance in the new channel it is traveling in.
In addition RSI is overbought and hitting on similar levels that triggered a correction.

If you take profit make sure to reenter, as I also believe that Stratis will blow through it's ATH .
Protocol coins are the coins I believe have the biggest long term upside as these are where platforms, company, applications, etc. will thrive!

Will update with a longer term outlook. Just wanted to slap this together to give you guys my up-to-date trade.
Trade Details
I only want to take profits in order to enter lower, and gain more Stratis. Since this is alt season it it is possible for Stratis to blow through resistance. Thus, I will only be taking about 30% of my position for profit.
Entry below is good for both new people who want Stratis and for people who want to reenter.
If idea breaks down and Stratis does not correct into entry zone, look to enter back at 145k

Take Profit: 137k - 127k (10-50% of position)
Enter: 121k - 115k

As always, please feel free to ask me any questions you have. Always willing to have discussions with new and experienced people alike!
交易進行: Reentered majority at 121k. Reentered rest of position now.
Stratis only had a minor correction with a wick touching down on first FIB support. Pretty clear break out from resistance now. May want to watch for support test of old resistance before walking away from trade.
交易進行: We appear to be testing old resistance as support here. I like these kinds of support tests as a bullish signal

Reentered majority of my position at 121k
Lower orders didn't fill, so I will enter here at 138k
Leaving some out in case we dip lower.

I see next target at 159k (1.618 FIB Line)

交易進行: Alts are dipping at the moment. This means we have a great opportunity to accumulate more.
And look at that! Stratis is back in our accumulation zone. I'll be looking to pick up a little more around here (125k)
Dip of BTC changed all alt curves. I am not into trading, just accumulating at support levels :). Thanks for sharing
good chance.
Any update sir?
ecoinamist ilkygul_
It appears alts are dumping right now, and I'm not sure why. I like to buy more during these dips though for lower entries.
My entries from my idea still stand (121k - 115k)
I entered at 75k. And my target on the long run is 250k to 300k. And I think adopting your plan will aid more profit. Thanks.
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ecoinamist Grateful15
You're welcome. Let me know if it works out for you in the future :)
ecoinamist Grateful15
Great targets by the way. I'll be sure to update idea with my long term targets as well
This is a smart plan for many positions now - get out or half out on highs and re-enter lower
Will be an up and down week. Selling breakouts is tough and waiting for buy backs in congestion also tough.
No Fear - no FOMO
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ecoinamist Altster
@Altster, Yeah, I believe having liquidity on dips is key to making good profits.
Trading with a plan (targets and entry zones) definitely helps to remove emotion.
I enterd this morning with 143k , u mean i can hold at least until 155k ?
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