$STRAT Trading Idea & 2018 Price Projection for #Stratis

BITTREX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
2017 was a huge year for Stratis, establishing itself as one of the leading 'Blockchain Application Platforms' in the Crypto space.

After peaking in June, $STRAT fell victim to the downtrend that plagued the entire Altcoin market over the next few months. In early November Stratis began to gain some momentum, making $STRAT one of the first handful of tokens to buck the trend.

At this stage it has been confirmed that two ICO's will be launched on the Stratis platform in Q1 of 2018, and several other product developments have been shared with the public including a 'Stratis Identity App' to be released through the Apple App Store in the coming months.

With an already established brand name and community, additional ICO's and a positive news cycle will likely see Stratis ride the momentum of #AltSeason2018 to new record highs vs. $BTC.

For more information about Stratis:
WHats targets now ? for 2018
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NoobTrader1990 ESlamElsherbeny
@ESlamElsherbeny, strat is a long term hold
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