Possibly a "Stellar" trend reversal?

POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
Looking like $XLM readying for a move to challenge current down trends. Will the trends hold?
Or might we have a Superluminal event on our hands?

Looking like we'll find out soon
評論: Personally I entered with some change at the lowest of the 3 grey circles.
If she manages to break the last few weeks downwards channel (pink), I'd maybe even state I was confident.
Enough so to say that if she does break the pink I'm gonna enter some more.
交易進行: I love drawing
評論: Got itself all the way up to just under the trendline where it's now been loitering for some time.
Predicting/expecting some strong positive moves now after the last few drops, if something like that does not happen then more drops are likely inc.
評論: Breakout materialising
Pattern prediction:
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