*LONG* XLM STR Stellar Ascending Triangle Breakout! Targets

POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
I apologize I've been gone for a bit. But after about a weeks worth of healthy consolidation and massive volume pick-up, we have finally broken out of the massive ascending triangle pattern to form yet newer highs in what I believe will be an amazing run. This also marked the completion of the cup & handle formation on my previous idea that I forecasted a little while back.

Based on several factors, I believe our tentative targets will be:

TP1: 1198
TP2: 1438

I do expect a slight pull back after we hit 1198 as the market consolidates yet again and probably forms another c&h or wedge .

Stellar is often overlooked and seldom talked about amongst the other industry dogs, but it's by far been my favorite alt to swing/day trade this year. Massive profits to be had!

Don't fret. This is a healthy retracement of the run up, and we are in the midst of yet again another descending triangle which provides ample scalping opportunities.

Once it breaks out it should take us to our first target or near it.
Is it smart to buy back in at these current levels on Bittrex (~1250)? Or better to wait for a proper consolidation?
It looks like it's ready to break out soon again...
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