Long on Stellar

POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
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STR is a high risk investment that could really pay off. The recent news of adding ICICI and LeFinance to provide cross-border payments is good news for STR . This news and potential future announcements from both STR and XRP, will help to increase interest in the cross-border payments crypto niche. Any announcements in this niche will continue to drive interest and new investors. The cross-border payment niche is finally gaining traction.

Back to STR:
Volume is picking up and STR is holding the support.

  • Looking for target of 445 by December 25th.
  • Indicators are looking for the upside.
  • Possible additional announcements before the end of year for new partnerships. This would provide fuel going into 2017. Also, with a string of possible news early in 2017 to keep the momentum.
  • Plus from Qualitative Research approach, the management team has something to prove since the XRP days. They probably want to show the crypto community, this team knows how to forge banking relationships. I believe they have a "Fire in the Belly" to out perform XRP in this niche.
評論: The rise in BTC is really crushing the price of alts. STR is now 332 which is below previous support of 352. The continual increase is btc is really taking the oxygen out of the air. Still holding my position bot at 360 - 410.
評論: Will adding to the STR position from the BTC profits.
取消訂單: STR didn't hit the 445 by Christmas. The reason is the demand for BTC and the upward price movement was too strong for the majority of the alts except for etc and xmr.
The rise of BTC to almost 800 is putting pressure on the STR and all other alts. Holding support at 352 with BTC pushing up. STR and other alts will be under pressure as BTC continues to rise. Have 8 days until the target date of 12/25 so we'll see if BTC eases. From past observation, STR and XMR are the first alts to move when BTC buy pressures subsides.
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