Thoughts about Stellar future

POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
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Keep an eye on the 2840 lvl . For me it seem like its going to test bottom one more time.
Also Bitcoin is a key for STRBTC pair. If its struggling Stellar goes down.
I think so because its way more easier for Stellar go lower. 3500 level was tested twice and rejected as well. 3500 is a key level for Stellar for a long time. To surpass it we need something bigger than our will.

Scenario that I see:

STRBTC goes to the demand zone .
Volume increasing but price holding and side moving.
Trend changing pump with huge volume .
Bullish trend .

As you can see the standard circle in the crypto market. But now its way more faster ( bullish sign).
I can foresee that bullish madness will come in the middle of autumn.

Don't forget to use SL. If idea is wrong (for example we go to the 2800 lvl and bounce back) it is easier to leave this trade for a while.
Good luck!
評論: STR make bullish things. Might be pumped soon
評論: Short term target: 4700
評論: 3700
I am sorry :)
取消訂單: Target reached, congratz! :)

Actually not. Bitcoin flying
評論: Some crazy stuff happening 0_o
It is better to wait in such situation
交易結束:目標達成: Gratz!
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