XLM due for a big bounce

POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
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POLONIEX:STRBTC The last time the daily RSI was this low on Stellar ( XLM or STR ), was early November, and it went on too do 1680% gains over the next two months. It's also potentially bouncing off the yellow trend line . Get ready!
good call... this is a simple TA but the most logical!
I don't see it bouncing against btc now, the total market cap is increasing, and the bitcoin dominance is increasing too, basically what I am seeing is new money and alt holder going into btc.

But it is my most special coin :D and now it is perfect to stack more, hopefully they will reach their Q1 objectives and will communicate about new partnerships.

I think XLM holders will be rewarded by the end of March.
cckmac bhamoudakh
@bhamoudakh, I think we are due for a BTC pull back... which could lend towards the perfect set up for XLM to shoot up on that pairing.
@cckmac, yes, like playing between 4k5 and 6k sats before. BTC is unpredictable now, and that's what worries me.
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