POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
635 17
Please next analisis.. prediction
Yoringpoly petodz1990
i think it need power breakout the triangle
hcolmenarescz Yoringpoly
@Yoringpoly, We will have the 5000? of target?
Yoringpoly hcolmenarescz
@hcolmenarescz, yes
This is my chart now . Nice
target ?
@mzizoo, Don't bother, this user unreliable
Yoringpoly Tristan_1993
@Tristan_1993, careful with your words , this is idea ! If don't like please don't see
+1 回覆
Tristan_1993 Yoringpoly
@Yoringpoly, lul shouldn't make public if you can take the criticism
mmrvi8 Tristan_1993
@Tristan_1993, Lol you think Yoringpoly is unreliable but you still check her ideas :) That is funny
+2 回覆
hungypoo mmrvi8
@mmrvi8, I think most traders understand that Yoripoly is making an educated guess based on technical analysis. No one can predict the future and you cant just slander her for trying to help newbies trying to learn charts. Atleast people like yori is willing to offer her expertise and advice in the face of criticism. Also, other factors are in play that affect the price that cant be predicted like Polo lag, ddos, btc reaching ath and we havent talked about market manipulators pumping and dumping this coin! As mmrvi8 said, if you dont like the advice, dont act on it, no need to slander bro!
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