POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
I just wanted to create a chart to show everyone why I would certainly not believe stellar is going even higher. High accumulation right now doesn't mean all. In 4h and 1d MACD , stellar is showing weakness and moving towards to a downtrend. On 4h boggling band stellar has not gone downtrend yet and 1d chart stellar has always been overbought. with potential Stoch , RSI and MACD layout, accumulation can come down. I'm worried that why would a coin with 9 billion supply and founder holds to tons of it will worse way more than dash, monero, steem and golem. If anyone knows more about this coin and have any updates, I would love to know. Also, 1400btc fake buying wall on poloniex is very trapping too.
pdmaster BitSummit
@BitSummit, Good article, but I'm not sure that you aware stellar lumens is not stellar, stellar is the banking platform they might want to use. Well, stellar can potentially pump up because of more adaptation of stellar platform.
Thanks for your Chart. Can u tell us more about the 1400btc fake buying wall on polo?
pdmaster Commodus
@Commodus, If you look at the buying volume, buying walls from 100-450btc appears, add them together will be 1400btc. They were used to prevent dumping when it went down to 0.000018, but uptrend did not continue, people will take those walls away and dump their stellar.
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