Stellar Consolidation [Short-term Swing Position / 2-4 days]

POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
• It seems STRBTC has been bouncing back and forth between the Med-term resistance/Previous short-term support line (.00002104btc), and the Long-term resistance/Med-term support line (.00001441btc). It seems the Long-term resistance/Med-term support line is acting as a strong barrier to keep price from dropping any further and there could be room for a short-term long position. If however the Long-term resistance/Med-term support line is broken, we should see a retest at Previous long-term resistance/Long-term support line (.00000883btc). Exit position when trend reaches the Med-term resistance/Previous short-term support line. Riskier traders can watch the trend to see if when it retests the Med-term resistance/Previous short-term support line, if trend breaks past the Med-term resistance/Previous short-term support line expect the price to retest the Previous short-term resistance/Short-term resistance line (.00002747btc).

OBV indicates that volume flow and stock price have been stabilizing in a long-term consolidation period and could break out any day now.
Aroon indicates that there is an uptrend, but not a very strong one considering the crossover between Aroon Up (Green) and Aroon Down (Red) happened at 19 (30-70 key confirmation points)
Bollinger Bands® being as wide as they are indicate that the volume is slowly increasing which could mean an upward trend is imminent

• TF: 2-4 days
• BUY: .000015-.000017
• SELL: .000020-.000021
• STOP/LOSS: .000012/.000013

Upcoming Events: June 22nd 2017 - The advisor for Stellar's Nairobi office is speaking at Bithub about the STRBTC protocol.

Always remember, don't risk what you can't afford to lose/Know your limit, invest within it.
交易進行: Still on track
交易進行: In neutral state
交易進行: ^
手動結束交易: Gonna make a new and improved chart, taking too long.
Broke trend and support line.
With the 16 billion coin giveaway on June 27th, the price will go down. https://www.stellar.org/blog/bitcoin-claim-lumens-2/
When is the pumping this coin?
maaaan you're so accurate ... keep doing your thing :)
hope in a few days mega pump happen and it can reach 5k
it can rise to 3000 my friend :)
Godly KikoShippuden
@KikoShippuden, The resistance level is pretty solid above the current trend, so it may be a likelihood but also it is unlikely it could happen because it has been a strong resistance level for the past 20 days.
@Godly, i wish that we can make some profits from STR soon my freind ^^
Godly KikoShippuden
@KikoShippuden, With the bitcoin decline it seems to have affected other cryptocoins, just a minor set-back. Seems it will remain in consolidation until bitcoin reaches its previous trendline of 2100
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