POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
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Well here's my STR chart that I've had for quite some time now, yes I'm one of the STR bag holders from the time we all thought it was going to take off. Now it appears it's showing signs of life, I think it's waking up. It's nice and low now, so I bought more. When STR pumps, it pumps hard leaving no time to get on board the rocket. Just remember to be patient, buckle up and enjoy the profits.

TP 1: Moon
TP 2: Milkyway

I think with enough momentum this baby can reach a maximum of 9k satoshis, pure speculation on my part based on the previous history of STR and it's ridiculous pumps.
STR is fighting resistance, can we win and turn it into support? Stay tuned!

We broke through resistance, changed the color of the line from green to black to make it easier to see and added fib lines. Testing for support, if we break support I expect more consolidation around 1600's and a retest of the support line. If we are successful in staying above support by forming a bullish pennant then we're headed up for more gains.

STR is looking good, more consolidation incoming I believe. Then a shot for 2k to look for support, if not we'll find it one way or another.

Reached 2k, came down for support and consolidation, moving along very nicely. Anyone who bought in while we were in the 1700's good job you should be in profit right now. I think we should be moving up for another run.
waiting for your chart update :)
@unyubi, Patience pays off, I just posted an update! Good luck.
is this the pump we all were waiting for?
@kulie, No, this is the pump we all WANTED. Enjoy :)
kulie KosherKing
@KosherKing, it looks very weak though.
@kulie, Give it some time, the poor fella just woke up and you're already expecting him to run. It'll be fine either way, set a stop loss to keep your profits.
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RadoGG KosherKing
@KosherKing, Where do u set your stop loss? 0.00001777 ?
@RadoGG, Mine is different from all of yours because we all didn't come in at the same price (I think), so my stoploss is 10% below my current entry being that I don't think we can possibly go any lower. Also, just set yours anywhere above profit or @ break-even, make sure it's not too tight or you'll get left behind. I like the number 777 btw.
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