Stellar Surge [Market Geometry/EW]

STRUSDT is re-gaining some traction as it bounced off of the 0.236 retracement and the orange support line ($0.0248). Looks like it’s retesting the yellow resistance line ($0.0292) of the channel, and if broken it could continue onward to test the green support line and the 0.382 retracement
level ($0.0346); as it did on wave B to C of the correction wave. It has also broken the short-term downward trend and could yield a very nice profit opportunity on a long position. If risk management is used correctly. There are 3 take profit zones (1: $0.0528, 2: $0.0664, 3: $0.0823) at each of the higher Fibonacci levels. Depending on how risky the trader is he/she might want to wait until a downtrend presents it’s self near the take profit levels indicating a confirmation of a trend reversal or use trend reversal patterns to determine if a reversal is imminent. If however the yellow resistance proves strong, and it falls down to the orange support line or the 0.236 retracement, we could see a retest of the support. If candle closes below the support, it is recommended exiting your position and buying in lower at the red support line. Each ‘Take Profit’ zone has been labeled #1-#3; as well as a zone where you should exit the trade or set your stop/loss to a bit under it and buy back in once solid support is met at the red support line.

Aroon: Aroon Down (White) line has been zig-zagging up and down indicating the trend could be reversing soon and the market is unsure of which way it wants to go, the Aroon Down line is currently above the Aroon Up (Blue) line meaning there is a downtrend, however the Aroon Down line is not above 70 meaning the trend is not very strong and starting to exhaust itself.

Godmode: The white line is approaching the blue line while moving upward, indicating a potential buy opportunity when the white line is about to touch the blue line; it also indicates an uptrend as the next move. The blue line is above 30 indicating the downward trend is almost exhausted. Caution dots appeared at 20 also indicating there is support from beneath trying to push it back up.

Fibonacci Arcs: Act as curved support and resistance lines. Thin lines are weaker, while thick lines are stronger.

• Buy: $0.0260
• Sell: 1: $0.0528, 2: $0.0664, 3: $0.0823
• Stop/Loss: $0.0205/0.0230
評論: Chart without Fibonacci Arcs
交易進行: Found resistance at darker green channel, continued down to yellow support and looks like it is continuing original trend.
交易進行: Support found at current Fibonacci Arc
交易進行: Looks like broken through Fib arc support, watch for a retest at Fib levels or long term uptrend to be broken.
交易進行: Broke past yellow support, watch for retest of 0.236 Fibonacci level. Bitcoin really doing a number on these altcoins.
交易進行: Bounced off of 0.236
交易進行: Broke 0.236 - Take loss and buy back in lower
取消訂單: Going to make new Stellar chart.
going to hold my coins this trade looks really good if it went up again to 0.035
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