STRUSD, Multi-year Correction To Come

Hi everyone,

Just a potential idea for STRUSDT and potentially all of crypto. I think we are currently in an X-wave and not starting the actual bull run. I've tried to follow as many NEoWave rules as I could, however there is the possibility that I've overlooked something, or a different variation on a correction happens, etc. This is more for a rough timeline of how long I think STR will be in a correction and I also think that it makes reasonable sense for it to take this long. Crypto is still in its infancy - it is growing and maturing, but there still aren't really that many truly functional coins around, and there are still a great deal of people who couldn't name a crypto other than BTC .

The bull run will come, it just needs more time.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below!

Also, due to how I had to make this chart (because TV refuse to fix some bugs that are chart breaking unfortunately), the scale you are looking to read is on the left side.
Jun 18
評論: Also, the vertical position of the drawings won't stay in the right place if you move the chart (due to the issue I mentioned, lol), but as long at the 0% fib lines up with the top of the yellow and purple rectangles, it is aligned. You can scale the horizontal to fit better, TV squished my chart.
Jun 18
評論: 0% is aligned with the top of the chart, not the boxes. Good night everyone, happy trading.
Jun 18
評論: How it was supposed to display

Jul 01
評論: Not much to update, still following this.
interesting view! Leave us a comment on our newest post aswell mate :)
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