STRUSDT - XLMUSDT Be prepared for the next drop...

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I know we have seen some green candles but this won't last for long in my opinion. We'll see 0.54 - 0.55 as highest today. I got out a couple days ago at this price level waiting for the next leg down to re-enter. And be carefull. It can go down a lot! It won't surprise me if we see the same level as where we started at the end of december (0.20). Would be a very nice entry level.

Of course, the news around South Korea and China had its affect on the market but don't forget the Futures market... At the end of the week CME will close its first contracts and something inside me tells me this will cause another drop in BTC . We know what happens when BTC drops...

I wouldn't recommend you to follow my ideas. This is only how I see the market. Always make your own trading plans!
Greets and happy trading...
評論: Lets confirm a breakdown of the 0.47000000 level, based on the 4hr chart. The total market cap is already down by in the last 24hr. We're heading towards the next support around 0.36000000...

評論: We have one candle above the 0.47000000 resistance at the 4hr chart right now. Do you think it will hold as support? I'm still on the sideline to see what will happen as we came closer to the CME expire date.

I hear what your saying but this move off of .30 on str looks very progressive and when she blows upward it will be a sight to see . my target is 2.70
PasCrypto comanderrich61
@comanderrich61, Thanks for your reply. I'm almost sure it will go up and reach your target. If Ripple can do it... Stellar will blow Ripple away if you ask me! But I'm not confident about the CME contracts that will end next week. I believe that the CBOE contracts had something to do with the correction that we see now. I'll keep an eye on the charts as much as possible, ready to jump in when I see a promising entry.
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