SUB in growth - WTF? So many hints showing just to one level?

I am long time hodler of SUB .. however.. if time permits I love to sell on top and accumulate on the dips after :-)
It is never certain business, however now it looks as if SUBSTRATUM decided on beautiful wavy growth.

So I am gonna test the range in olive green I have shown you to sell (hopefully the dip will come close after)
.. and that based on confluence of signals:

1. conservative bull flag (black) 7703 (target1)
2. agressive bullflag (white) 7992 (target 2)
3. 0.236 FIB level 7982 (target 2)
4. replay of RSI - 4H culminates on 7958 (target 2)
5. Broadening triangle pattern (cyan) :
5a) on day candles tops 7678 (target 1)
5b) on 2H candles tops on 8079 (target2)

( Cup and handle , -dark green zigzag - .. if taken seriously - handle is simply too short, would top on somewhat higher ...if that would be true .. it would make it difficult to re-buy SUB back again later)

Safe and $weet trading everyone!

評論: The broadening triangle pattern purpose, may not be clear from my charting, sorry for that.

I did not mean to trade exit from broadening triangle .. rather assuming that broadening triangle would form bellow diagonal resistance in Cyan.

Actually the overhead resistance in cyan is what I am referring to rather than the triangle itself. I even assume that the bottom of that "triangle" might curve up along the dark blue exponential... so no triangle at all .. rather channel in the future.
評論: So lets watch in detail what will happen..

評論: So far so good

評論: I slightly adjusted targets to the conservative spectrum
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