$SYS Bullish curve

POLONIEX:SYSBTC   Syscoin / Bitcoin
245 4
Recent spike due to TWITTER HYPE from @notsofast . Prices should get rejected and fall back to the .382 fib before continuing on the curve.
評論: We are on the right trajectory. Good buy right now
Where did I say he doubled it? It jumped 10% immediately after he shouts it out and then slumped. Now it's even higher but you should know every pump is decided by twitter right now.
Revo coagulans
@coagulans, I think you are very correct on your idea that fib .382....its at .00006666 which is lucky for the Chinese. I dont agree that pump on twitter is the only reason, but it is a huge reason. Everyone wants to get in on the "news" first....just like our propaganda media. Then they hype and hype until they blow the house down. I think Syscoin acts a little different. I have been trading and accumulating SYS for more then 1 year. If you would like to know more, just ask. But I whole heartily agree retrace to .00006666, then its over 10k.....depending on the next stop....generally every 2k 12k....then yo yo up until Im a millionaire. Cheers mate!
Revo Revo
@Revo, Looky looky, I called that shit to a "T"
Lol, you are going to tell me that @notsofast with 11k followers doubled the price of SYS? Come on man. Guess Blockmarket release isnt to important.
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