Huge potential on syscoin sys/btc

POLONIEX:SYSBTC   Syscoin / Bitcoin
Last time we had a golden cross on the daily chart , 3/4 year ago, syscoin gained x10 in value. The golden cross has happened again lately and fundamentally there are some big releases coming soon to syscoin. Blockmarket web 2.1, masternodes, anonymous transactions and a lot, lot more. Syscoin has been moving under the radar for a while and is now sitting at number 81 according to its marketcap. In my opinion its a coin which belongs in the top 20, if not top 15.

For further explanation on the fundamentals you can read this article:

Good luck!
Thanks a lot @assassin7898
Süper analiz.tebrikler
We have similar perspective on SYS. Looks to me like it began a new market cycle mid-December. X10 in the short or mid-term is entirely realistic here. Check out my published TA on SYSBTC if you have a chance.
Dont look at the volume on this chart, it is lacking because the most volume for sys is on bittrex. It is higher than before at the moment
oneEyedJack assassin7898
@assassin7898, Correct. Actual volume average has spiked significantly.
Where do you think the price will go ?
general bu arada söylemeden geçemeyeceim harika tespitlerin var. sana çok çok teekkür ediyrum.
Hadi insallahh hocam:) i love golden cross
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