THC Cup and Handle

BITTREX:THCBTC   HempCoin / Bitcoin
Thanks to the recent drop in BTC pricing THC seems to be forming a cup and handle . If so, we can expect to see a nice rise later today/tommorow. Sounds like it might be a profitable weekend if you manage to get in now while its low!
This was my first ever altcoin buy!!! Thx for the posting!!
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zacharyd3 CaptainCaveDann
@CaptainCaveDann, No worries, it was my first altcoin too, managed to buy in back in Nov and so far its been good, all these new features should help the coin too! Rebranding in a few weeks, a fork very soon and hopefully getting put on more exchanges could all mean big things for THC.
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@zacharyd3, same! I bought them in September when I was a noob noob and sold them and bought back in in November! Still holding and adding on the dips!!!!
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zacharyd3 CaptainCaveDann
@CaptainCaveDann, Sounds like a good plan! Can't wait to see where we are sitting in a few months, I'm thinking we can see $1 in the next few months as long as everything goes to plan, and the major factor IMO would be getting into more exchanges. Lots of coins see a huge jump in price after that, and with THCBTC being so closed off on bittrex only atm I'm thinking all those that have been waiting to jump in, can!
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