Upcoming THC Breakout

BITTREX:THCBTC   HempCoin / Bitcoin
If I'm reading this chart right it looks like THC could be poised for another breakout later today. The BTC Crash hit THC pretty hard but it ususally seems to jump back up mighty fast. If so, we might even see it rebound back upwards sometime later today/tommorow for a quick profit. Buy in now and just wait for the rise.

There is also plenty of good news coming from thier twitter, showing that they are hard at work to improve and update this coin with a rebrand and fork soon too! Since THC is only traded on bittrex, which has closed off registration. You can also look for a nice bump in pricing when bittrex is opened up or we are added to new exchanges, there have been many interested parties but due to the closure of bittrex registration all those who are waiting will pile in once they open which would be great news for the coin!
評論: It almost looks as if it tried to breakout, however BTC tanked so... Just Hodl and wait for BTC to pick back up, we still have some great stuff upcoming, so don't just bail yet!
評論: I'll be posting a new idea with some updated charts but it almost looks as if that dip in BTC might have been more helpful than we think. We are rebounding mighty fast and setting up to breakout again possibly! Check out the new idea for the details.
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