$TNB heading for reversal, watch closely for Trump Tweets

BINANCE:TNBBTC   Time New Bank / Bitcoin
BINANCE:TNBBTC has been down trending and I believe it will continue to down trend until we reach the 0.236 fib line unless we get an official announcement of the Mar-a-lago trump dinner.

Last tweet about the trump dinner was Jan 24th and the dinner is to be on the 25th of February so I would be expecting some news on how to obtain these seats shortly.

As these are quite new charts there isn't a lot of data to go off, but I think it's safe to assume that the parabolic run up we saw was in part due to listings on exchanges and announcements - but also in part due to the huge bull market we just came out from where everything pumped hard at least once.

Overall, this isn't a huge TA call as i'm really just watching the uptrend and waiting for some news, but I thought I would post this as all I can see on the TNB/TradingView ideas is moon shots - so here is some more realistic expectations.

交易進行: Fell quicker than I thought due to what BTC is doing at the moment. I still believe we will follow the same trajectory if BTC goes sideways.

I will cancel this trade if we break under 800 sats
取消訂單: BTC dropping below 10k has caused me to end this trade. Peace
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