TNB/BTC Uptrend, Good Opportunity

BINANCE:TNBBTC   Time New Bank / Bitcoin
637 4
Times New Bank is a new coin. They have a good team and support. Currently up-trending.

Good News coming up this week:

Buy: 1600 - 1900 satoshi


1. 2100
2. 2300
3. 2500
4. 3000
5. 3500

Stop-loss: 1100
評論: TNB price dropped more than expected for many reason including fear of Crypto Exchange Ban in South Korea which is one of the biggest Crypto Market.

This is not bad because we can buy more at lower price.

4h chart looks like TNB is getting ready for the next move up. Oscillators are lined up again which indicate an upwards move soon.
Thank you for this. I got some last night on the dip after seeing someone discuss it on twitter. The entire "own someones time" concepts is pretty interesting. Seems like they have a solid team and a new app coming out for celebrities in Asia to sell their time by the second. Could have strong potential if the app becomes popular.
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zailin17 CorySchulz
@CorySchulz, how much you lose?
I like the analysis. Thanks for the calendar link, too!
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@netrin, Thank you for the feedback. Now we wait for the upcoming days to see.
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