TNTBTC 30% + 70% + 140% +

BINANCE:TNTBTC   Tierion / Bitcoin
TNTBTC 30% + 70% + 140% +
交易進行: Another surprise!
Congratulations to all who respond promptly to my recommendations!
This is not often, usually recommendations are designed for a period of several days to several weeks, but in order to use them in full force, it is necessary to have a trading plan that must be adhered to.
Those who did not have time to enter the trade or to sell at the maximum do not need to get upset. The trade continues.

Good luck and good trading!
交易進行: After a sharp pump, the price dropped almost to the area of our purchase, and this allowed us to enter the trade once again.
Go to the second goal immediately failed, but it looks like the buyers have regrouped and want to continue.
All good luck and good trade.
Any updates on this one mate ?
it right now pump))
@hahamas, Yes. It's a pump.
Forces that use the pump for their own enrichment also analyze the market and find coins that are ready to take off. Then it is easier for them to achieve the desired result.
After that, the price usually decreases slightly and continues its natural way upward, smoothly and gradually.
The main thing is not to try to enter the market immediately after the pump. It is better to wait for correction and calmly enter the trade.
Always stick to your trading plan.

Good luck and good trading!
tnt is deffently bulish
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