Tron TRX Forecast - The most FUD'd CryptoCurrency

Tron is the most FUD's altcoin to date. However TRX has the potential to actually rocket to the moon and out of orbit!

History shows us the most controversial companies are usually the companies which revolutionise the industry. Tron has the capability to do this. What Tron is trying to achieve is incredible and it comes to no surprise the amount of hate around this coin.

Chart shows support around 450 - 500 area. Considering BTC is down, TRX is building foundation around this area. Basically TRX shall start again from where it pumped to 2,000.

Tron has yet to release a product and we are sure that Justin Sun is beefing the developer's team. Investor's are hoping for a partnership with Alibaba imminently. Investors also want lambo's overnight :) It seems obvious that Jack Ma is showing interest(does not mean financially) in Justin's start-up. I find it hard to believe that a start-up company is stealing senior developers from the biggest retail company in the world. Jack Ma MIGHT be "transferring" these developers.

Eventually if TRX's product is successful, Alibaba's partnership won't seem far off.

Think about it!

This is not an investment advice, always do your own research.
交易進行: TRX went down to 382 during BTC bleeding.

If you compare the two circles in the chart you'll see that TRX also dipped to 358 before rocketing to 2,000 mercilessly.

Now I'm not saying that this will happen all of a sudden. TRX is in the middle of a controversy over PR and news announcement/credibility. This remains to be addressed and investors have two options 1) sell TRX or 2) hodl and believe in the coin's potential. You have to be the judge of that depending on the level of patience and expected result frame as well. There isn't a right way. You either believe in the potential of TRX or not.

Following BTC's bleed TRX handled the storm very well and we should see it above 500 in no time.

評論: TRX is a beast! Despite BTC's bloodbath, Tron remained strong and made it's way up to 750 area while BTC was "recovering". Imagine what the price potential when BTC fully recovers and alts market returns to normal.

I'm expecting TRX to explode in the coming days. FUD served as a marketing tool for long-term investors. It was on everyone's lips due to FUD and when conducting their own research they saw the potential!

TRX is back with a bang!

Goodluck & hodl!
Huh... Where exactly does Alibaba says they will have a partnership with .... "Tron"

Other than obvious regular hype the ceo of tron shares, what do they have to show for? They talk a lot of mights and wills but nothing is actually done.
Well Said
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