Tronix (TRON/TRX) Bullish Pennant!? (~70% Gains)

Hello everyone, once again, we are looking at Tronix (TRON/TRX), which has been incredibly bullish recently, surpassing our previous target at 0.00000588 BTC and hitting 0.00000645 BTC top. TRON/TRX seems ready for another run upwards, as a bullish pennant is forming right after our previous run, a very good sign of a potential move upwards.

Because trend lines can be difficult to narrow down precisely, I've placed two potential bullish pennants to be flexible. Fortunately, they both have the same target point, but are still useful for determining stop orders.

Assuming a buy-in at the current price, 0.00000527, this can easily result in around 68%-72% gains depending on your exit point. As always, wait for confirmation, and trade with care.

If you like my analysis or I helped you in any way, feel free to send a tip:
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ETH: 0x97F20b3536dB21C07691fD46e021bCDd8e49483e
交易進行: Here we go! TRON/TRX booming upwards. A shame Binance is not working right now.
交易結束:目標達成: TRON/TRX hits target! Congrats to anyone who made this trade.
Latest rumors , trx is going to annonce a partnership with Alibaba on monday next week !! thats the reason for this sudden climb!! the price is going to go up more and more !!
zstafa dhinesh95
@dhinesh95, You have posted this comment on every TRX Idea..... where are you getting your info?
whats a good number for re entry?
@omeazy17, See my newest idea on Tronix (TRON/TRX):
Good call. I've been wanting to get into a longterm position in this coin but guess I'm a bit too late for now. Would you wait before entry?
Luiserebii devilninja777
@devilninja777, Thanks! Yes, I would wait a little before re-entry, but it's dipped a little as of now - whether it makes another move up I'm not so sure, I'd set entry point based on the answer to that question.
Luiserebii devilninja777
@devilninja777, See my newest idea on Tronix (TRON/TRX):
I applaud you did exactly like you said when would you re enter? I sold at ...880
Luiserebii jpassaad1
@jpassaad1, I would watch current movement for now before considering a re-entry point; it is much easier to decide what to do based on trends.
Luiserebii jpassaad1
@jpassaad1, See my newest idea on Tronix (TRON/TRX):
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