TRX (TRON) Time 2 Buy

TRX has found it's floor opportunity to buy at the floor so u can sell at the ceiling, just don't go chase after it's at the ceiling ;-D
Trx crashing hard
Currently at 640sats - still feeling good about this analysis?
We are losing altitude
TRX is crashing...
p7b7 mikeg28
@mikeg28, support is around 1 satoshi. Just hold!!!
@p7b7, I have no choice but to hold.
great shart
yeah you know i saw everyone say buy tron its gonna be on moon and i listened people and bought it and now going down , people say ripple gooing to moon bought it and going down , just tell me which crypto you want to see down i buy it for you :)
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@ribame4, just about all alts are down in the past few days due to drop in BTC. It's starting to stabilize and go up, as are most alts. TRX should follow suite soon.
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ribame4 theshawman
@theshawman, yeah i hope that too :) ripple will come again soon i guess for trx i will hold it until he will 1-2 dollar at least :) this happens because of Btc and Because of etheruem too people make profit from etheruem right now , when etheruem start to make correction then people come to other alt coins i guess
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