New TRXBTC +176% target 0.00003555 BTC over next 48 hours

Green arc shows previous 61% fib retracement before the continuation begins and a rally up to +176% completes within the next 48 hours.

My previous position is already filling up well. New position has been marked with stop-loss location 0.00000939. Target of 0.00003555 BTC .

The rumor and hype about the upcoming announcement from Tron over which retailer they are partnering with (Alibaba possibly) may FOMO this until Chinese Monday (Sunday night for those of us here in the US), at which time, it could go crazy with +1000% gains over the 7 days following the announcement.

A strong HODL would be nice.. Keep an eye on XRP as well. XLM may also look nice. SC ( Sia Coin) is doing well, steady gains.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Have some diverse coins. I like to hold a couple or a few that are low value, plus a few others that are higher value but lower volatility (5-15% daily) and others that may see gains of 30-50% (like SC ). This way if I lose on something like TRXBTC , I can fall back to something else, or make up some losses as the markets shift and wane.
評論: Justin Sun's Twitter.. Announcement should begin in 1 hour. It's a video announcement, so expect a slight delay before the buying starts.

評論: Updates are on the link below. Follow me to stay up to date on my new targets.
交易結束:達到停損點: Announcement was terrible. touched the stop. I sold. Thankfully everything I lost in the last hour was gained back by selling my position of TRX for BTC.
Good Job! (crazy)!!!

- if you get panic seeing red bars back to back, Please go long and stop day trading.

- I think his announcement wasn't necessary at this point, btw must of the geeks are not good presenters even Elon Musk, maybe because of not lying.
its coming back up
I don't think he will reveal the partnership with big companies today, as he said they didn't allow him to public it before the cooperate complete. So he only can give us the name of small startups/companies that they will cooperate with. I have a bad feeling about this.
What a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Sold all tron after watching that low budget smoke and mirrors "presentation"...
justin sun live live talking but i have no problem english i do not have english and trx is falling down please tell me a piece of info and explanation :(
with that BTC movement today you think there is room for TRX today ?
In general alts bleeding as BTC moving up
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